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It would be kinda nice if people would start using the chat-box. RP doesn't ALWAYS have to be post-reply-post you know..


 The Sage comes to the Land of Fire

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Raphael the Sage

Raphael the Sage

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The Sage comes to the Land of Fire Empty
PostSubject: The Sage comes to the Land of Fire   The Sage comes to the Land of Fire EmptyThu Jan 27, 2011 5:51 pm

Raphael slowly makes his way through the forest, the rain softly hitting the leaves above him. He sighs as he listens carefully, a pattern in the rainfall becomes noticeable. As he slows down he is able to hear it more clearly. He smiles and closes his eyes, tilting his head back as the rain hits his face. The coolness of the air mixes with the rain causing some goose bumps to form on Raphael's skin. He begins to loosen his grip on his swords as his heartbeat beings to slow down. He beings to speak to himself as the rain beings to fall quicker.

"I have missed this feeling for a long time, if i remember correctly the last time I was wondering around here was when I was a genin."

Sighing softly he opens his eyes slightly as some of the rain hits his eyes.

"I wonder how many people come here now that the village population has hit a low..."

Gripping the hilt of his sword with his right hand he slowly begins to unsheath it. As the blade begins to show more the rain starts to run down his hand, causing the blade to shine. Unsheathing it completely he points it straight towards one of the trees, he smirks and begins to speak softly.

" I remember that tree, it was the one that me and my teammates practiced on."

Raphael takes a few steps towards the tree and then slowly begins to pull his arm back, causing the sword to point behind him. As he pulls his arm back even more his elbow begins to bend, he then smirks and quickly swings the blade. As he swings the blade it connects with the tree in front of him. The blade gets lodged into the side of the tree, as he pulls it out he notices the blade made it half way through the tree. He smirks and then slowly begins to sheath his sword. Once the sword is sheathed he releases the hilt and closes his hand, letting it rest at his side. Looking around he notices one of the leaves are providing shade over the stump of a fallen tree. He slowly makes his way towards the stump, his boots covered in mud causing the walk to be slightly more difficult. When he reaches the stump he shakes his head, causing the water to leave his hair.

"This is one of the few dry places in the forest, I am surprised that I haven't seen any animals in here. The last time I was here this place was crawling with wildlife."

As he rests on the stump his clothes slowly begin to dry, but as they do they become a little stiff making his movements a bit slower. He then closes his eyes and leans back resting against one of the trees behind him, the leaf providing just enough shade from the rain that he is able to stay dry.
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Mashiro no. Takashi
Mashiro no. Takashi

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The Sage comes to the Land of Fire Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Sage comes to the Land of Fire   The Sage comes to the Land of Fire EmptyThu Jan 27, 2011 6:17 pm

Suddenly, Raphael's shadow begins to quiver. It grew larger, as a blob of pure darkness appeared out of it. The said blob then took the form of the Onikage, Takashi Mashiro.

"Hello, how are you?" Takashi asked him.
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The Sage comes to the Land of Fire
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