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It would be kinda nice if people would start using the chat-box. RP doesn't ALWAYS have to be post-reply-post you know..


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Raphael the Sage

Raphael the Sage

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PostSubject: Shaki the Sage    Shaki the Sage  EmptyThu Jan 27, 2011 4:29 pm

Name: (Has no last name, is just is known as 'Raphael the Sage')

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Clan: Sage of 6 Paths (Rinnegan)

Village: Missing

Rank: S-Rank = Anbu

Appearance: Avatar

(Number 1-10. if you are a Gennin, one 10 is aloud, Chuunin-2 Tens, Jounin-3 Tens, ANBU-4 Tens, Kage-5 Tens.)
Strength- 8
Speed- 10
Chakra- 10
Ninjutsu- 10
Taijutsu- 5


Before the Academy:
Raphael was in the village of Konoha with his parents. The clan was well know but not well liked, and for that his parents had to make a choice. The choice was either; to let Raphael go to the academy in Konoha but run the risk of him being hated and treated like an outcast, or send him to a different village with another clan member. After thinking long and hard about the choice they came to a conclusion. A fellow clan member was traveling to the village of Ame and offered to take Raphael along with him. Happy that he was willing to do that they let him take Raphael, unaware to the reason or anything as Raphael was at the age of 3 he cryed a lot. The Shinobi knew that Raphael would come to like him and treat him like an older brother if not a father.

Village Move:
The Shinobi named Katsuri Lucier was given Raphael in hopes that he would take him to a new village and train him in the ways of the Clan. The trip was long and rather boring but was worth it. It took a few weeks for them to the village of Suna. Once they arrived there they moved into a house on the outskirts of the village. Since they had no money, Katsuri decided that he would get a job at a local ramen shop. Upon deciding this he signed Raphael up for the Academy and talked with the Kage to get him in. Raphael would start the academy at the age of 6.

Academy Student:
A few years past and Raphael was ready for the Academy. Upon joining the academy he was looked at as an outcast and was made fun of by the other kids and even the teacher. But slowly he made it through the academy and was the first in his class to graduate since he never worried about friends. Also he never worried getting distracted. At the age of 7 he attained the rank of Genin.

As soon as he attained the rank of Genin he got a sensei, but the sensei and students that he was with were higher ranked and really experienced. The two other students in the team were Chuunin and his sensei was one of the most well known Jounin in the village. The Kage did this to see how much Raphael wanted to be a shinobi, knowing that the Sensei and Chuunin would be pushing Raphael really hard he thanked the Kage. Unsure what the say the Kage just smiled and nodded. After a few years of really, really intense training his teammates and Sensei thought he was ready for the chuunin exams. Raphael smiled as he knew he had finally been accepted by his team. Agreeing with them he decided to do the chuunin exams. His days as a Genin were almost over.

Chuunin Exams:
At the age of 10 Raphael was signed up for the Chuunin exams. Unsure of who he would be going against he sat with his team and ignored everyone else. His Sensei went a looked at the list of Shinobi taking it and saw who Raphael was going to fight. He planned to keep his abilities hidden in the fight. His Sensei told him he would be fighting a Kaguya, he smirked. As the fight began he knew that this fight would be short and simple and as he thought it was. The fight lasting no more than 10 minutes the Kaguya was knocked out. With his speed being so much faster than the Kaguya he laughed as he had harder fights against his teammates. His teammates and Sensei laughed at the fight and then congratulated Raphael after he made his way back up to them. A few fights later the people that attained Chuunin were announced. Raphael was one of them, his teammates and Sensei cheered for him and then left to begin the training as soon as possible.

Raphael made Chuunin at the age of 10. Now the whole team was Chuunin and the Sensei could move on to what he was planning on doing when this day came.Instead of training they were going to start doing more missions to get out of the village and get the team ready for the day when they will become Jounin. As years went by his two other teammates began to grow impatient and they started to push Raphael harder and harder. They began to hold hidden training sessions with Raphael to help him. He didn’t mind in fact he thanked them, unknown to them there Sensei was watching every time. As years of missions and training went by Raphael became stronger and stronger. His Kage was impressed never thinking that he would have made it this far. One evening during there “hidden training session” there sensei walked out surprising them. He told them that they were ready to take on the task of being Jounin. He told them that he had already talked to the Kage and he had agreed, they all were extremely happy. Raphael wasn’t sure though, he needed time to think about it. After a few days Raphael had thought it over, he was ready. They all went to the Kage’s building at talked to him. He gave them there vests and assignments and all 3 of the Students had become Jounin of the Village.

At the age of 17 Raphael decided that he was tired of doing everything his Kage and the other Jounin told him to do. He decided to take matters into his own hands. A few weeks after this, he killed the Kage and almost every Anbu/Jounin in his village. He then left Suna, An Anbu survived and left sending a message out to all villages, warning them about this rogue dangerous shinobi. He attained the rank of S Rank Missing Ninja at the age of 17 for the destruction and murder of his Kage and fellow Suna Shinobi. This is where his true path starts.
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PostSubject: Re: Shaki the Sage    Shaki the Sage  EmptyThu Jan 27, 2011 5:13 pm

Good job. Approved....
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